Contract Delegations

The Board of Regents has delegated authority to sign contracts to the President, who in turn is permitted to delegate the authority to sign contracts to other University officials. A list of the University officials to whom the President has delegated authority and the types of contracts they are authorized to sign may be found in the Contracting Authority policy. The Contracting Authority policy allows some of these University officials to re-delegate that authority to others by issuing a memorandum of delegation approved by the Office of University Counsel. This site identifies the individuals who currently have a memorandum of delegation and allows users to view the memoranda.

To see a list of individuals who currently have a memorandum of delegation, click on "List Delegations" in the navigation pane (at left). By clicking on a person's name, you can view additional information about that person and view the person's memorandum of delegation. The memoranda of delegation may also be searched by clicking "Search Delegations" in the navigation pane and then entering the search criteria. The Advanced Search function allows for searches within certain fields, including by name and title of the delegee (the person being granted authority) or delegor (the person granting authority).

In addition to University officials with contract signature authority and those with memoranda of delegation, the Contracting Authority policy permits managers of approved fee-for-service units to sign contracts for providing the services to others outside of the University. Please contact the Controller's Office to determine if an individual is the manager of a fee-for-service unit.